About Ama Dwimoh

Until 2011, Ama Dwimoh served as Executive Assistant District Attorney and Chief of the Crimes Against Children Bureau in Brooklyn, New York. She created this bureau in 1997 on the order of District Attorney Charles J. Hynes and directed it to target cases involving the murder or abuse of children under age 11. In conjunction with this, Ama Dwimoh reached out to Brooklyn leaders in order to provide essential information about the dangers of abuse in local communities. Dwimoh’s people skills also helped her draw out suggestions from citizens on how preventive measures could be implemented where they live. Ama Dwimoh’s decades of experience in the justice system and years as a trial lawyer provide her with a knowledgeable view regarding child abuse in society. She is regarded as an expert and thought leader on the subject and is called upon for support and counsel on related issues.

Within the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, Ama Dwimoh oversaw some 20 team members, whom she guided in achieving the conviction of numerous criminals. Some of the most high-profile and heinous cases involved the torture and murder of children like Justina Morales, Nixzmary Brown, and Latanisha Carmichael. Ama Dwimoh also did everything in her power to prevent the continuing traumatization of children after they had been taken into the justice system.

In order to further prevent incidences of child abuse from occurring, Ama Dwimoh helped implement a number of initiatives. Some of these included the Brooklyn Child Watch, the Baby Safe Haven Program, and Project S.A.F.E., a program dedicated to teaching parents about the dangers of leaving young children home alone. Ama Dwimoh received a Juris Doctor from Georgetown University in 1988 and held membership with the District Attorneys Association of the State of New York. She supports the NAACP, charitable organizations engaging in animal rescue efforts and enjoys travel and yoga.


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